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What are the requirements for HR certification?

HR Certification is a globally recognized certification that proves the competency of an individual in HR. It has become mandatory for organizations to have an HR professional who meets the specified requirements, so as to provide better service and improve workplace safety. The standards set by various certifying bodies are very high and applicants need to meet all these criteria before they can be certified.

The Role of HR

Human resource (HR) professionals play an important role in an organizations operation. They design and oversee employee policies, procedures, and training; conduct investigations, litigation, and audits; and advise management on diversity and organizational change. HR professionals must meet a number of requirements in order to be certified.

Certification is the gold standard of HR practice. Certification is awarded by professional organizations whose members recognize the value and quality of the certification program. Certification programs typically include a written test and a clinical experience. Candidates must meet the requirements of the program, which may include ethics and experience requirements.


To be certified, HR professionals must meet the requirements of the certification program and pass the written test. The written test may be in one or more of the following areas: human resources management, organizational behavior, management information systems, labor relations, or human resources administration. Once the written test is passed, the HR professional must obtain clinical experience. Clinical experience may be in a human resources department or another area of the organization. The main goal of clinical experience is to provide HR professionals with hands-on experience in performing HR activities.

You may choose to major in business administration, human resources, organizational development or another related field where you'll receive specialized training through coursework in HR.  To get the most out of your degree, plan your coursework accordingly so you learn everything you want to know about your special focus.  Remember that as an HR professional, you'll be working with all types of personalities.  The more you learn about human behavior and how to handle tough situations, the better your confidence will be Having an appropriate level of education provides the basic requirements for an entry-level position.  However, you'll often need to do more than earn your degree to get hired.  Having experience in the real-world setting will demonstrate your ability to apply what you learned in college to a company's HR department.







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