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Why was the Battle of San Jacinto so important?

One of the most important events in Texas history was the Battle of San Jacinto. On April 21, 1836, the army led by General Sam Houston defeated the Mexican army led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna. The Battle of San Jacinto was a decisive victory that led to Texas independence.

In 1835, a small group of Texans attacked a Mexican army nearly five times its size. The Battle of San Jacinto was the culmination point in one of the most dramatic revolutions on earth. The Texans defeated a Mexican force almost three times its size. The battle lasted less than one hour and ended with 600 dead or wounded.

Though they had a smaller army, they surprised the Mexicans with their ferocity and determination. They captured Santa Anna, ending the war.

The Battle of San Jacinto is the only battle in history where the winning side lost more men than the losing side. It is also the deadliest battle in Texas history, with over 700 men killed. Although it was a short battle that lasted only 20 minutes, it changed history by bringing an end to Mexico’s rule over Texas.

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