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What are the 4 Cs of 21st century education?

by Lucy Jane

In the 21st century, four skills have been identified that are crucial in the education systems.

The skilled identified have been supported by both the political leaders and the national educational stakeholders in the United States of America. The four important 21st educational skills identified include:

1.Critical thinking




Critical thinking

Critical analysis has been defined as the process of carrying out objective analysis in order to come up with judgement. It involves the process of viewing learning process in a new and totally different manner and trying to link it with various disciplines or subjects. This makes critical thinking to be an essential skill that is necessary in every profession or century. Despite, its usefulness, the introduction and advancement in technology has completely changed the platform of critical thinking. The dense technology has made most of the tasks that are menial such as memorization to become null and void and also created room that allows us to spend much time on thinking skills that are more complex, however, it has been proven that it is much easy to allow technology to think on behalf o the human beings or assuming that it does not think. However in this 21st century it is better for us to understand that how high technology can go it is impossible to use technology without telling them what to do and think critically the results it gives.

In addition, students should be taught how to use various types of reasoning such as inductive and deductive so as they can be able to understand various situations. Besides, they should be able to analyze systems that are complex and comprehend how the interconnected support the systems. Lastly, they should be able to make decisions though making selections on criteria that are appropriate an also identifying certain alternatives that can enable them make choices that are reliable.


Communication has been defined as the process through which people are able to share their ideas, thoughts, questions and answers. In this modern era, it is sometimes much easy to communicate and at the same time much difficult to communicate. More and convenient ways have been provided by technology that enables easy communication. Despite the many ways sometimes they may become overwhelming. In other occasions, communication is more on the kind and type of technology being used that the message that is being conveyed. Therefore, communication is essential because without it nothing can be done in our classrooms or outside the classroom making it an essential skill in this 21st century.


Collaboration has been defined as the process of bringing individuals together for the purpose of working as a group towards achieving a certain goal. It brings together various talents, expertise and smarts to work in unity so as to achieve a certain goal. With the advancement of technology, collaboration has been taken a step higher. This makes the various types of collaboration to become possible that were not applicable before the discovery and introduction of technology. Like in the case of communication, the same breakdown can be applied in collaboration. This means that the number of choices gotten can be overwhelming since most people may be attracted to the tool that is used during the process of collaboration making the actual collaboration get lost.

In order to have good collaboration, students should be able to work more effectively with diverse groups of people that come from different cultures. They should also be willing and flexible to compromise with members of the team in order to attain the same goal. Therefore, collaboration has become an essential skill as the world continues to get more interconnected than before.


Creativity has been defined as the process of doing things by using new approaches such as invention and innovation. The 21st century cannot miss to be mentioned and thanks to the technology for the creativity it has brought. Thousand so new ways of creativity have been discovered in addition to the traditional ways. Or instance, one animate a picture instead of painting it. Besides, one can be able to arrange any piece of music in a computer without attending a class to learn oh how to play any music instrument. This leaves one with the responsibility of ensuring that all things are put in the right process of creativity.

Students should be taught various techniques on how to create a wide range of ideas. Besides, they should be able to elaborate, analyze, refine and be able to evaluate their own ideas. This will help them to maximize and improve their efforts of creativity. Therefore, in this 21st century, it is crucial for one to utilize the technology at hand and her or his own thinking to get various creative projects being done in the required manner.

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