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Online Tutor: The New Age Learning Support

by April D. B. 

Online tutors are the new buzz in terms of improving student performance. They are easy to find and are competent in developing individualized learning strategies for students around the globe.

With everything found in the Internet today, it is not a surprise to hear about just anything being done online. That is why many have developed ways of marketing what they can do over the world wide web. Many have tried out sales, blogging, inquiry, and tutoring. Tutoring, now there’s a thought.

Online tutors have been top-billing the online community for quite some time now by helping children from across the globe keep up with their studies and excel at the same time. A lot of people have asked whether this technique is viable and effective in actually improving the student’s performance. To begin, we have to look into what kind of job description an online tutor has.

Online tutors are slightly different from the one-on-one tutors children have. The difference is that the former uses the internet as a medium of communication, thus technique may vary in terms of how information is presented. Basically, they present learning through various available learning environments that are only possible through the Internet.  They also encourage self-learning, autonomy, reflection, and curiosity through knowledge construction.

Online tutors make use of strategic principles to allow his or her student to communicate with the other children he or she tutors. Through this, the student is able to discuss and collaborate with other students to be able to get other ideas from students with different perspectives. This creates an avenue for analysis, creativity and open-mindedness.

With this, parents have more options. They get to have a personalized and stimulating tutorial session for their children. And they know that with the group discussions that are integrated in their children’s program, their children’s social skills are also developed.  The option to have a native English speaker to teach their children would be then easy to achieve. Specific subject fields can be taught by people who work in those subjects. There is also the convenience of time and rates. Not only that, everything is carried out in the comfort of each other’s homes, which keeps both parties comfortable.

Online tutors pride themselves in their field of expertise and the convenience of being able to cater to just anybody around the world. Because of this, online tutoring has become a viable career just like other online jobs. So, it does not matter where you are or where your tutees are from. What matters is that there are a lot of ways to touch people’s lives and educate them at the same time.



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