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iPhone Photo App Review: Pic Collage

I believe thousands of users have downloaded and adored the features of PicCollage. One of my friends on Facebook was using it and I just loved how creative she was with such a simple photo collage app. It's actually very addictive. There are plenty of photo apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad out there but PicCollage is one of my favorites.

You simply drag your pictures from your album. You can resize, crop, add borders, add text and simple stickers. However, if you want to use elaborate designs and more unique stickers by theme, you have to purchase them. You can easily share your photos on social media sites as soon as you're done.

PicCollage is a great app for those who want to instantly spice up their ordinary pictures before showing it off to family and friends. With data, the amount of space it uses in your iPhone's capacity also increases. Be sure to download the updates so that you get the benefits of improved features and more secure photos.

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