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Why you don't need a website

Scott Ginsberg of Hello, my name is BLOG argues that not everybody needs a website. We agree. Instead, as a Texas small  business owner, you want people to "end up" in your site. For what reasons? There are plenty. To quote:

"It needs to be interactive.
It needs to be participative.
It needs to be updated regularly." 

If you're just looking for a brochure site where people can find information about your hours, location, and staff, you can build a simple Facebook page template. This is easy as a pie.
However, if you want your site to be interactive, you may want to include polls or contests. Too much work? In business, you don't just start a website and hope that they would "come". It's like selling your first house as a real estate agent and not keeping in touch for referrals.

Your Texas small business website is not different than other websites out there. To update it regularly means that you're constantly asking for feedback or comment. Most hosting services are equipped with blogging software that you can post on every week. You don't have to be a born writer to be a business blogger. You just have to connect with your customers.

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