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Confessions of a Graphic Web Designer

As a Texas Small Business owner who is just starting out, marketing your business is the key to your success. Getting started in your business is no sweat:

- You have the knowledge of your field and you are an excellent communicator of it.
- You just signed a lease to a 10th story spacious office, brought in all the electronics, faxes and printers.
- ...And you just finished putting together all of your businesses legal paperwork.


You need to establish an Identity for your business.

Who Are You? What Do You Do?

You want the whole world to know you are here and educate them about your business. I really don't like using the term Graphic Designer to describe myself. In actuality, you can really consider a Graphic Designer as basic as someone who can take a color photo into a photo-editing program and change it to black and white.


I consider myself a Graphic Communicator. We are living in a fast food society that if we don't get what we want quick enough we go to the next thing. That's because there is always a next thing and small business owners will lose the chance to show what they are all about they you fail to communicate their message properly.

Some things you need to consult with a Graphic Designer:

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