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Are you a social media strategist already?

In one of Inc.com's latest issues, I read an article about social media connection no longer being an option, but a necessity. In fact, "it is going to be a job, and people need to be skilled at it."

No kidding, social media strategists are already here. We are no longer looking to that possibility in the future, because today, "people work hard to become your friends." Does that sound frightening? I'm not surprised. Every business utilizes some kind of networking tool, and if you're still reading the Harvey Mackay books, you're in for something unreal.

Although we meet face to face, we mostly chatter and share news via Facebook. What's even fascinating is that because nearly everyone now uses a smartphone, sharing information through the Internet is ubiquitous and swift.

What the heck is a social media strategist anyway? Are you going to be one?

As a Texas small business owner, do you have an online marketing strategy for your enterprise? If you already own a Facebook page, then you've taken the first step. If you hire PR companies to create a buzz about your business, then you're getting there.

What's even more fascinating to me is that all social media strategists know that the natural laws still apply. Making friends to build your business network does not happen overnight. Harvey Mackay is still right. Go slow, be nice, take a shower, share what you have, do your homework. Then watch your connections grow.

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