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Why public wi-fi is a no-no when buying stuff online

It's always been a good idea for online shoppers to check the Internet connection in a particular place before whipping out that credit card and typing the numbers in.

I don't care if it's Amazon.com or any other popular and secure site, when the connection stalls, your information will be lost. Server failure on the part of the business website may give hackers an opportunity to steal that information, whether financial or personal.

I recommend staying away from public hotspots when trying to purchase something online. In fact, it doesn't even have to be the act of buying at all. Being in a public wi-fi area exposes you to viruses (it happened to me). It can be a major wreck to your computer. Don't spend more than you're supposed to by getting your computer fixed (you don't have a choice).

Secure websites are a great leap from just having a regular small business website. It makes your customers feel more confident about sharing that information they value so much.

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