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Pros and Cons of Digital Signatures

Send Documents for Signature Online

Before we begin let's discuss the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature. There are distinctive differences which are important to understand.

Electronic Signatures
This is a signature that you add to a document located on the Internet. It could be an email, or a PDF file. In each case there are different ways to create and add them to the document.

Another electronic signature you may be becoming more familiar with is the one used when getting a package delivered to your home which you need to sign for. Or, even in retail outlets where you use your credit cards. It seems that electronic signature devices are being used more frequently.

It might look like an electronic pad or gadget and will have a field that looks like this x______________. This is where you sign your name. This is as good as if you were signing a piece of paper. It indicates that a transaction has taken place and you have agreed to it by signing your name.
Pro: No cumbersome papers to sign, convenient and secure for the merchant. It serves as proof of agreement for any charge back issues.


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