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PR: A Small Business Guide

Public relations is all about your business image and reputation. Everything you do (both personally and in business) must be scrutinised to consider how it may look on you, by using PR channels you can get more people talking about you, what you're doing and how you are changing.

Which of course throws up the discussion that good PR can elevate a business faster than anything else but if you get it wrong...well, bad PR has destroyed more than a few businesses before now and as a start up, you are even more vulnerable.

There are plenty of PR companies and agencies who know the routine inside out and can really boost your reputation, and therefore your customer base, but the bills can rack up fast and sometimes it can take a while for news to spread naturally by word of mouth so it sometimes take a while to find that your business is really being affected by it. But there are several methods that you can boost your rep without having to fork out for external bodies.


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