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Social media - Who to trust?

Trust. Businesses try to achieve it. Customers seek it. The success of social media depends on it.

If there is one thing that businesses should take in mind in order to become successful online, it is the fact that trust has been and will always be the building block, no matter what the medium. So if customers don't trust you before you took your business on the Internet, then why would they buy from your online store? In the same way, if they don't trust you online, why would they buy from your brick and mortar store?

The good news: You can spread the word about how well you do business on the Internet with the right service, the right product, and the right publicity.

The bad news: Your customers can do the same thing. If you mess up, you will have a lot of work to do!

That's why businesses should never take social media for granted. Word of mouth still applies. Every dissatisfied customer no longer complains about you to six of his friends, who tell the story to six more friends within reach. Instead, he writes a complaint on Yelp.com. And the whole world can read it!

Build trust online and the money will follow.

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