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What is Your Ecommerce Strategy for the Holidays?

What is your ecommerce strategy for the holiday season? If you've done a good deal of research online you would hear echoes that doing it the "mailing list" way is the best technique to increase sales.

But this may only be because merchants have learned from the past. Other online sellers still pursue their search engine marketing and optimization efforts to catch the attention of holiday shoppers.

The reason why they opt for mailing list as the best ecommerce strategy for Christmas profiting is that they can target their last year's customers. The latter (who have subscribed to the newsletter) are likely to be more familiar with their products and will be encouraged to buy with the help of personalized promotion.

Of course, if you are a startup merchant whose business has only been around for less than a year will try an ecommerce strategy that may be a bit more radical. Guerrilla marketing is a popular technique, and so is aggressive offline selling.

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