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Facebook marketing for Texas small business owners

"How can we market our health care services on Facebook?"

Facebook is just one of the few channels for social media marketing. Any Texas small business owner can benefit from the power of social media, it's just a matter of knowing how to communicate your message. Sometimes the message doesn't even play as much role as the media itself.

With Facebook, you can build a community of fans around your business page. You update your page with new stuff, a little like blogging, except that it's a lot easier and faster for your fans to send you a feedback. You can share any material (audio, video, links, notes) in a snap with Facebook. If you belong to the health care services industry, you should let your community know of any updates, news, and ideas being developed in your business.

One tiny advice though: Just because you have a Facebook fan page does not mean you can befriend anybody and follow your updates. The golden rule of commitment still applies. Many Texas small businesses are here today and gone tomorrow. To be really successful in social media marketing, you have to develop a good reputation. You also have to be dedicated to improving the way you do business with people.

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