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Are you starstruck? Using your celebrity ties to boost your sales

You are: A service business. You want: To jumpstart your business. What's the biggest move you can make?

I was barely out of college and working my new job in a media company when I met my best friend Lori. She has a "starstruck" syndrome, always seeking to be part of an elite or famous personality or clique. She became part of Maxim's editorial staff and had become friends with celebrities. There is nothing wrong with her career move -- in fact, it seemed she was doing all the right stuff.

Theoretically, in business, doing what Lori did can tremendously boost your sales.

The upside: If you enjoy being around celebrities, you have a definite edge over your competition. If you're a caterer, for example, celebrity or political events will always call for your service. If you own a salon, you will have a constant stream of high dollar clients.

The downside: You have to impress your famous client. This may take most of your time and resources which other small projects don't demand.

Before you can use the "celebrity" status of your business for advertising purposes, make sure your clients agree to be named as endorsers. When it comes to stretching your fame's ability to generate more business opportunities in the future, you can only go so far.

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