BBB warns Texas summer job seekers of scams

Every summer, students all over Texas look for part time jobs to supplement their tuition fees or keep themselves busy. According to the Better Business Bureau, many employment scams also occur in the summer.

Most of these job scams offer high income prospects while requiring limited or even no experience.

Job hunters should know better. Check with your local BBB to make sure the employment agency is legitimate. If a job posting sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Texas job seekers should stay away from job scams that force them to sell or work with unrealistic results. 

Avoid tire blowouts: TxDoT advises on road travel safety

Are you going on a Texas road trip this summer? You've been warned. The Texas Department of Transportation revealed that although summer is an exciting time to travel, it's also the worst time for tire blowouts.

There are two big reasons for tire blowouts: The tire pressure was not checked before the trip, or the roadways are too hot. In El Paso, TxDoT maintenance crews have been cleaning up the roads more often lately because of tire blowouts.

More than 1,300 deaths in Texas this year could be blamed for road accidents. Some of them may be caused by tire blowouts. The TxDoT maintenance spokesperson, Blanca Del Valle, advises that if it's safe, people should pull over slowly to the shoulder and clean up pieces of their tires.

"Don't pick up the tire debris on the highways," advises Del Valle. "That's too dangerous. Leave it to the maintenance crew."

Flu hits east Texas in the summer

In Tyler, East Texas, a number of flu cases has been reported at Tyler Urgent Care. According to the doctors, summer is a rare time to acquire  the influenza virus, but in East Texas hospitals, many patients are tested positive.

A 38-year old man in Tyler has suffered in comatose condition for three weeks after being sick of flu six months ago. He had kidney failure but is now fully recovering.

Dr. Bill Wallace of Tyler Urgent Care reveals that flu does strike in the summer, despite being rare. People who have had flu shots from last fall must take caution, he says, because even if there's a little bit of protection left, it's not enough for a new and different flu strain during spring and summer.

Flu is contagious. In order to avoid getting sick, doctors advise to wash hands often and stay away from people who have just been sick or still recovering. If you start feeling headaches, fever, and body pain, it's time to head to the hospital before it gets too late.

Get your website designed online

You don't have to be a Texas business owner to want to own or get your website designed. Here are the top 10 things you want to know if you're looking online for a website design service in Texas:

How can I get my website designed online?
Where to find help getting my website designed?
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